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Being raised under a prodigy such as Jeremy Brown, the influence of music and art was always surrounding me. Jeremy Brown, my father, first put a flute in my hands at the age of 10. Private lessons to my first band class I always was practicing. My passion then only continued and grew moving from my 6th grade graduation band performance, to middle school where I competed in my first solo competition. I was fortunate enough to have played for my high school in which I was able to travel and perform in various interesting locations. The flute has given me the opportunity to experience the world and shape the individual that I am now. Traveling on my own gave me a unique perspective of the world and a sense of independence, I felt a sense of adventure from my first performance in New York City at Carnegie Hall. But that was just a first step to what really inspired my life was when I was able to perform in a small church in Barcelona, Spain. The trip to Spain had to be one of the most eye opening experiences of my life because it introduce any incredibly foreign and beautiful culture. I had never traveled outside of the country before and had always been a little intimidated by the idea. I was overwhelmed with the beauty immediately mostly due to making our first stop in Spain at infamous Park Guell. . The beautiful unique tile and stone features that were spread throughout the park made me recognize the culture physically and it was colorful and bright. Especially with the park being on an elevated area at the top of the city with a perfect panoramic overlooking of the city. Just being able walking through the beautiful gothic streets of Barcelona all the way to one of the famous local markets surrounding the Sagrada Familia. This enormously couture building, absolutely one of the most beautiful churches in the world, which is still in the process of being built today. The famous architect Gaudi designed many beautiful buildings all throughout Barcelona, but is known for the Sagrada Familia because of the detail and the work to put into the building. While traveling from Barcelona to Madrid we traveled on train and got to see the beautiful countryside. There was a vast amount of countryside, cities did not meet for miles. Three or four families made up each town, and when I related it to how I was brought up I in that moment lost sight of myself a bit.


I thought about where I came from, Virginia and what surrounded me in my present and in that spot what had happened there 10 years ago, or even one hundred years ago. Living in Northern Virginia also sparked my interest in knowing if there had been any Civil War battles or Revolutionary War battles that had taken place in my backyard. Having divorced parents made it especially easy to travel and move all around the D.C. area. From Great Falls, to Fairfax Station I moved around everywhere in the D.C. area. My Fairfax house had to be the most unique of them all, hidden in the woods, surrounded by forest, and located on a old camp and field hospital from the Battle of Bull Run in Manassas. The wounded were brought by train to the end of my street where the train station was located. The whole area had 1000s of wounded soldiers, and was one of the first places Clara Barton started the Red Cross. To learn about and understand the past historical events that had taken place under my feet gave me more of an understanding about life. Our past creates our present, and it is important to not only understand but also learn from our history The opportunities and experiences that I have had because of the flute have created me into the person I am today.

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