Historical Conciousness & Mapping the Discipline

In Historical Consciousness in the Modern Age by Mark T. Gilderhus and Mapping the Discipline of History by Ludmilla Jordonova the authors go into detail and research about how history and the understanding of it has created not only an individuals understanding of the past but also the world as a whole. Through this consciousness people understand the value of sources and the value of studying history. But, with this there is also the understanding that history as a whole has failed us. In my opinion though it is just human flaw and some things we are just incapable of learning from the past. Also, due to geographical barriers the study of history was difficult to spread throughout emerging cultures. But through this, specific choices of study are available to be studied. To fully learn and understand a specific moment and history, people must take into account not only what they’re studying but, what was going on in the government at this time, socially, economically, ect.

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