History in a New Millennium

Over the past decade, things have grown and changed. From technological advancements, to social changes, the world is constantly evolving. “History in a New Millennium,” goes into the argument of whether or not the methods in which history has been documented is enough to justify the truth of that event. A trail was held in order to unfold these claims of whether of not historical evidence is accurate or not. The case focused around the Holocaust, and whether or not the Holocaust actually occurred, justifying this with the inability to trust eyewitnesses from the actual event. Nazi records were nearly impossible to decipher. Leaving no concrete proof of their efforts to whip out the entire Jewish race. One argument a scholar made towards the justification of the holocaust was the acknowledgement of the event from millions of people around the world. But with this justification comes skepticism from those who question the authenticity of historical truth. Everything is an interpretation, and not everything holds the truth, but, for those who get stuck in the rabbit hole on whether or not all interpretations of history are true or false, there is no way of those people grasping a sense of reality. But, with the new developing forms of communication, i.e. Internet, access to historical records are available to almost anyone. The Internet opened a wide range of new approaches to historical research and development. Teaching history has transformed as well with Internet. More information is readily available for teachers and students, which also changes the curriculum. More information, more studies.

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