Hyphen- Nation


The Civil Rights Movement was more than a movement for African Americans. Many different racial groups such as Irish Americans, German Americans, Italian Americans, Jewish Americans moved to America to start a new life with more opportunities and to create a new ethnic identity. The beginning of the reading begins with President Kennedy returning to the Republic of Ireland. Having a president that represents the American Idea bring forth more of what it means to be an American. All of these people from different countries have come together to form a more unified and just nation. The acceptance in the American Society that not everyone comes from that same place is what makes the American population think about what is America? The understanding and value that people hold of not only their race but others. Also creating this anti-modernism with the people who claimed themselves be superior. Ethnicity is not only what binds a race together but also a country. America is bound by its people, and laws to create a country that is for all.

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