Immigrant Women: Nowhere at Home & Women’s Place in the History of the Irish Diaspora

Throughout decades women have always been viewed as the head of the household. The stereotypical stay at home mom was the foundation for most American families before the modern age of the woman. In Donaa Gabaccia’s, Immigrant Women: Nowhere at Home; goes into the study of immigrant women and to the study of women as a whole. In Janet Nolans, Women’s Place in the History of the Irish Diasopra; she goes into a more detailed study of Irish immigrant women. What their job was, what they were destined to do. Many of these women took on the role as an American immigrant. They moved to a more modern view of the woman in the work force. Many of these women as well were there for religious purposes. Overall, these readings give a better understanding on the roles of woman, and how they are viewed as well.


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