Military Histories Old and New

Robert M. Citino’s Military Histories Old and New: A Reintroduction talks about the change from ‘old’ to ‘new’ military history, and from ‘new’ to ‘new new’. New ideas and methodology’s is effecting the more old school form of history. Old military history, new military history, and new new military history all feeds into the other. Old military history focuses more on the battles and the operations behind the battles. New military history focuses on all the social aspects of war, how it affects people and countries and the money. The role of women in military service also came up and became more recognized. Manhood is something that is also recognized during this time. How the women, African Americans, and children play in the role of the war. The effect is also with them, on the home front and even on the battlegrounds. New new military history, forces on the intersections of culture and memory of wartime. There are meanings that we place on interaction, from beliefs to rituals. Everything has a impact on what we study which is why everything needs to be taken into account for when studying a specific event of thing that occurred.

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