The Italian American

In “The Italian American Table: Food, Family, and Community in New York”, the invention of Italian food culture in America is introduced, giving food a role the identity of these immigrants. Simone Cinotto’s goes into the role that food played in the community, and how it created a market in food trade in the Italian immigrant economy. Italian immigrants that gathered around communities in New York City centered their lives around food. This whole group of immigrants used food to create their identity in America. “Not only has food been the most eloquent symbol of collective identity for Italian Americans throughout memoirs, literature, poetry, and the visual arts, but generations of social workers, sociologists, anthropologists, and other observers have also described the way eating becomes an act of self-identification and pride for Italians and an occasion for asserting cultural and political claims,” (2). Cinotto’s is claiming that food connects everything to everyone. Food is the foundation of not only a culture but also an identity.

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